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Here are a few fun facts about Linda so you can get to know your local Fruit and Veg Woman a little bit more!


What is your local area and where do you deliver to?

My local area is Bushey in Hertfordshire.

I deliver to Bushey (WD23)

Watford (WD17, WD18, WD19, WD23, WD24, WD25, WD4, WD5)

Radlett (WD7)

Borehamwood and Elstree (WD6)

Hemel Hempstead (HP1, HP2, HP3)

St Albans and surrounding areas


What is your favourite aspect of where you live?

​There is plenty of beautiful countryside to enjoy plus numerous parks (which my doggie loves). 


Why have you decided to raise money for your local hospice?

I have been raising money for Keech for the last 4 years by way of selling snacks. This new healthy fruit and veg delivery service seemed a great way of continuing to benefit the hospice.


What’s your favourite food and why is it your favourite?

My favourite food is Shakshuka and it's my favourite because I love the delicious combination of eggs, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions and spices.


What’s your favourite fruit?

​Berries, berries and more berries!


What’s your favourite veg?



What advice do you have for anyone thinking about using our services?

We offer a reliable affordable service (with a smile) using only good quality produce which is brought to your door in a safe and secure way and helps support your local hospice.


Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

I was an 'Extra' in a film called The Man Who Cried which starred Christina Ricci and Cate Blanchett.


What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard?

​Why don't oysters donate to charity??? 

Because they're SHELLFISH!!!