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What is your role at the Fruit and Veg Man?

I help out with the admin, doing all those excel jobs that no one else likes


What is your favourite aspect of where you live? 

I live up in Glasgow and moved here about 6 months ago. I have to say the best part is the people, no matter where you are in the city, everyone is so open, warm, and friendly.


Why have you decided to be part of the Fruit and Veg Man?

I see how passionate Sanjay is for his business and how it helps and supports its local community. I am delighted to be a little part of it, to help and support to provide high quality fruit and veg with excellent service.

What is your favourite food? 

I just love food and I feel like I’m always thinking about the next meal. But, if I’m pushed to pick something, it’s got to be cheese, I even have cheese bans from time to time, to save me from myself 😝


What is your favourite fruit? 

I think I’ll go with a lovely juicy melon - I’ll take any kind


What is your favourite veg?

Ooh tricky one, I love veg, raw or cooked and always have meals packed full. But there is something about turnip (or swede) mashed on a Sunday dinner that just makes me very happy 😃

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself. 

I’m currently training to be a Person-Centred counsellor and would love to be able to offer outdoor therapy in the future.


What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard? 

Well this has been my favourite for many years and is truly terrible, but always makes me laugh…………..

Have you heard about the magic tractor?

It turned into a field


What advice do you have for anyone thinking about using our services?

Spread the word