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Frequently Asked Questions

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A: We provide you fresh produce that has been picked transported and then delivered straight to you on the same day. It doesn’t sit on a shelf and need rotating then reducing when we are involved.

The size of the produce we get is often larger than supermarkets as we don’t have to worry about shelf space. It is frequently a little different to the supermarkets – you don’t often see yellow courgettes or a purple cauliflower and we add these surprises into your boxes whenever we come across something a little different.

In addition, the quality of our products are so much better than the equivalent in the supermarkets. Don't take our word for it...check out our reviews on our Facebook page!

We don’t have waste produce, we buy to order and it is fresh each week. As important is that you won't have to go to your supermarket to shop for your fruit and veg - therefore avoiding contact with other people. We pick all our items using PPE and as the produce is fresh, you can guarantee that our items haven't been picked up time and time again by different people as is the case in supermarkets!

By buying from us you are helping the local hospice as well as supporting a local business, plus you take out the hassle of going to the shops to queue.

If you add up all the extras in your box and consider delivery we are competitive with supermarkets but it is the ease of ordering and the support for your community you get from us.

Don’t want 4 plums this week and instead want more apples? Send us a message and we can sort that for you. We are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

We do have a Build Your Own Box option too - so feel free to put what you want in your boxes!

We want to give you the best possible service! We are contactable by What'sapp and have regular competitions where our customers can win prizes too! You won't get such a personal service from ANY of the supermarkets! Whereas you are just a number to the supermarkets, you are our friend and you will get to know your Fruit and Veg person!

Many of our vegetables are grown in the UK but as you can imagine having locally grown bananas is not something you see a lot in these climates therefore to get the range that our customers want we do source from abroad too.

We don’t hide where our produce comes from but our main goal is to provide the freshest produce to you with a friendly smile.

With the transit of products and to prevent damage in transit some of the produce is collected already in wrap. A lot of the producers are aware of the environmental impact of this and have already reduced the amount of non reusable plastics and where possible we switch to these producers. Where this isn’t possible we don’t hide that plastic was used by unwrapping it before it gets to you but we look to improve as time goes on.

By us going direct to the markets to collect the produce and then driving it straight to our customers the same day we prevent all our customers having to drive to the supermarket hence MASSIVELY reducing the carbon footprint.

We source from the local market place so the transit is reduced between multiple collection points and as far as possible we source British produce. This isn’t always possible with seasonal fruit and veg but we do our best.

We have less wasted food, we plot the most efficient routes for the drop offs and where we cannot all be perfect or zero carbon, one small change, one less car journey for you still has a big impact.

What we do: We help you to have a positive impact on your local hospice by doing your weekly shop. We also claim that by delivering to all our customers in an efficient way, we cut carbon emissions massively because rather than all our customers driving to the supermarket, we do one journey in a day to all our customers.

We do provide local service with a regular driver dropping off your produce with a smile and an open ear to your feedback, we’ve even been known to stand in the rain having a cup of coffee with you because we care that you care.

We promise fresh produce and honesty in where it is from.

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and already help you to reduce yours with one less shopping trip or certainly a lighter load when you go. By ordering weekly we order what is needed and so we do not throw out wasted produce that isn’t sold. If you are unhappy with ANY of our products, we replace that free of charge, no questions asked!


What don’t we do: We don't pretend to be something we are not. We are a local business, helping a local charity, helping the local community eat healthy.

It's that simple.

We do our best to #makeadifference