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I am Mrs "The Fruit and Veg Man" and have been supporting Sanjay from the beginning of this fabulous business that he has grown and developed. I do what I can in the background to help and show up at our markets where I can. I have loved the journey so far and can't wait for the next steps.

What is your local area and where do you deliver to?

I don't deliver but I'm usually found at Biggleswade market on a Saturday and love speaking with and creating a connection with our amazing customers.

What is your favourite aspect of where you live?

Many don't know that, despite its reputation, Luton has some of the most beautiful countryside right on its doorstep. We have hundreds of miles of country tracks within minutes of the house and yet I can be in London within half an hour or on a flight to sunny weather in an equally quick time. It takes me longer to visit my hometown in Devon than to get to Europe from here. 

Why have you decided to raise money for your local hospice?
I love giving back to local charities that you never know you or your close ones might need. It doesn't hurt to help others and to do it by providing such great products at the same time is a total win-win.

What’s your favourite food and why is it your favourite?
I love all food so not sure I can pick a favourite but I'm not as keen on cooking so anything made for me (usually by Sanjay) I'm always grateful for :)

What’s your favourite fruit?
Favourite fruit.... I have to say I do love satsumas. So juicy, easy to peel and a great snack. So sweet that it satisfies my sweet tooth too.

What’s your favourite veg? Let's settle for parsnips in the winter, especially honey-roasted parsnips - yummy!!!! Tenderstem broccoli otherwise. So many options for it and no waste. 

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about using our services?
If you see our iconic orange gazebos, pop by and visit us! We are so welcoming and even if you don't buy we will always have a friendly welcome. We don't pressure you, you can browse and we know you'll be back because of what you see. For our boxes, just give us a try and again the quality speaks for itself and who wouldn't want to see one of us each week.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
I once peeled a banana with my feet.... way before I was involved in The Fruit and Veg Man! So, nothing to worry for Sanjay now as ours are too good for me to try that!

I am also a clarinettist and runner just not at the same time!

What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard?
Not the worst because I still giggle. How do you start a Teddy bear race?
Ready, teddy, go!