Here are a few fun facts about Sanjay so you can get to know your local Fruit and Veg Man a little bit more!


What is your local area and where do you deliver to?

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire


What is your favourite aspect of where you live?

I live right next to Keech Hospice where I can help and right in the countryside where I enjoy running.


Why have you decided to raise money for your local hospice?

It's a charity that I live next to and have helped raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in the last 5 years. It does an incredible job in supporting the local community who need their services and I'm a firm believer of supporting local causes.


What’s your favourite food and why is it your favourite?

My mum's food. She's brilliant at cooking Indian food and although too much of it can be unhealthy, there isn't anything tastier than mum's home made food in my opinion!


What’s your favourite fruit?

The heavily underrated mango.


What’s your favourite veg?

The heavily stigmatised Brussels Sprouts.


What advice do you have for anyone thinking about using our services?

Try us out once and you will see that we do everything to get to know you as a person and family. You will never be a number to us and we strive to make sure we get you the best fruit and veg that suits your needs. If in doubt, have a look at our reviews and you will see that we really do deliver in quality and service! Plus you are helping out your local hospice, which in these times they need more than ever.


Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

My fiance is my best friend.


What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard?

How many ears does Spock have?


The left ear.

The right ear and...

The final front-ear!