Columbian Grenadilla

Columbian Grenadilla

So, that bright orange, Christmas bauble-shaped fruit? It’s called a granadilla (‘gran-a-dee-ya’). Its smooth, thin, plastic-like skin cracks open and inside is a clear goo full of black, crunchy seeds ensconced in a spongy white pith. The goo is usually sucked up and eaten whole, seeds and all, like a passion fruit. Deliciously sweet, perhaps closest in taste to white grape pulp, the granadilla grows in tropical regions, hanging from vines like bunches of grapes.

“The inside looks like mushed up alien goo" says Andrew. I can’t vouch for that but it looks akin to frogspawn to me. Going by its insides, it should taste horrible but…it’s delicious.  

Really sweet and tangy.

Definitely a favourite all round!