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The Fruit and Veg Man meet Theo Paphitis

The Fruit and Veg Man meet Theo Paphitis

The Fruit and Veg Man meet Theo Paphitis

The Fruit and Veg Man proudly announces its recent accolade as the recipient of the Small Business Sunday (SBS) award.

This esteemed recognition is a testament to The Fruit and Veg Man's outstanding contribution to the entrepreneurial landscape, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. The SBS Awards, renowned for celebrating excellence and innovation, highlight businesses that have demonstrated exceptional growth and impact.

Small Business Sunday (#SBS), initiated on Twitter in 2010 by the esteemed TV dragon and retail entrepreneur, Theo Paphitis, stands as one of the premier small business communities in the UK. Every week, Theo acknowledges and rewards small businesses by encouraging them to tweet about their ventures. The Fruit and Veg Man's exceptional commitment and unique business approach led to their well-deserved inclusion among the winners of the #SBS award.

Sanjay Roy, the Founder of The Fruit and Veg Man, expressed his gratitude for receiving the #SBS award certificate from the legendary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former Dragon, Theo Paphitis. Roy shared, “It was a privilege to be presented with our #SBS award certificate from Theo Paphitis, a genuine nice guy. What started as a philanthropic venture during the pandemic in my bedroom has now gained recognition from a former dragon, and we are thrilled about it!”

The Fruit and Veg Man distinguishes itself as a local "online" and "in-person" fruit and vegetable grocer, catering to both residential and corporate customers. Beyond its current success, The Fruit and Veg Man is expanding its reach through franchise opportunities across the UK, inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to join their thriving network.

This accomplishment not only acknowledges The Fruit and Veg Man's dedication to delivering quality produce but also marks a significant milestone in their journey as they continue to grow and make a positive impact in the industry.